Top 10 Reasons Not to Return to Sport

  1. You have not been cleared by your healthcare provider (MD/PT/ATC)
  2. Pain at rest, with carrying, or with holding objects
  3. You are unable to walk, run, and jump without pain
  4. Pain with any portion of the throwing motion, including pain after throwing (muscle soreness/fatigue is okay)
  5. Lack of confidence in your ability to throw without hurting yourself; distinct loss of accuracy or velocity
  6. Your arm feels “unsteady” or “unstable”
  7. Your arm fatigues during team warm-ups or after long-toss warm-ups
  8. You stiffen/tighten up more than normal after practice
  9. You notice numbness/tingling during or after practice/throwing
  10. A loss of grip strength with or without throwing