Injury Prevention Warm-up Program

Welcome to Seattle Pediatric Sports Medicine’s (SPSM) Injury Prevention Warm-up Program. This program was designed by physicians and physical therapists as a dynamic warm-up intended to enhance sports performance as well as reduce injuries in soccer as well as other running, jumping, and pivoting sports. The inspiration for this program came from epidemic levels of youth sports injuries, including ACL sprains, and the scant number of existing programs that target performance enhancement or injury prevention in young athletes.

Each exercise in the program has been selected based on research that demonstrates benefit as far as enhancing dynamic mobility, strength, motor control, and/or agility. The program is intended to be carried out before each practice and should take 15-20 minutes to complete. As is the case with any exercise program, it is possible for injuries to occur in the course of carrying out these exercises. Consultation with a physician or other qualified medical professional is recommended prior to starting this program if there are active injuries or other medical concerns. The benefits of this program may also be variable and cannot be predicted nor guaranteed for any individual. Understanding and acceptance of the risks and limitations of this program is implied for anyone who participates in this program.

View Full Injury Prevention Routine

Materials & Resources

  1. Introductory video (above)
  2. Complete program video (View full routine)
  3. Individual exercise video (View full routine)
  4. Downloadable table of exercises
    1. 8.5 x 14” version (1 legal-sized page with 2-sided copying)
    2. 8.5 x 11” version, table format (9 pages)



For further detailed instruction as to why this program is important along with implementation strategy, click the links below .  An option to purchase the course for $15 each is provided by MedBridge.  

Program Implementation

Assemble a team, a group of teams, a group of coaches, and/or a group of league officials and schedule an orientation session for program implementation*.  See options below:

  1. Register for a pre-scheduled training session. These will be held at various locations in the Puget Sound area with the dates, times, and locations posted on the SPSM website.
  2. Make arrangements with SPSM to have a physical therapist, athletic trainer, and/or physician in your area who can help with training.
  3. Learn the program directly from the SPSM website and consult with SPSM for technical support and questions.

*SPSM strongly encourages group orientation and training sessions for both staffing efficiency as well as optimal learning of an exercise program that is designed to be done as a group.

Thank you for your interest and support for this important opportunity to help young athletes further enjoy their sports participation by performing better and doing so more safely.  Email for questions or more information.